Finnish and infra and steam

To reach a maximum comfort of your stay in our hotel Troyer, we offer your a sauna complex of three saunas. Complex is ready not only for our hotel guests, but also for other visitors of the hotel.

We also have a cooling pool and a resting room.

To maintain hygienic conditions, from Friday to Sunday the sauna is closed for non-hotel guests.

* The sauna must be booked at least 45 minutes in advance. Sauna must be booked at least 45 minutes ahead.

* Prices for the public. Operating hours from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM, out of these hours we charge 1-4 people for 2 hours – 1600 CZK.


Opening hours

from 15:00 to 22:00

The benefits of sauna

is a centuries-old form of relaxation. Sauna has been proven to be a form of relaxation for centuries. Saunas help eliminate the stress of everyday life, mental exhaustion or insomnia, strengthen the body’s immune system, cleanse the skin and body of undesirable substances, and harden the body through temperature changes during cooling.

Infrared saunas are suitable for both sweating and therapeutic procedures. It is also suitable for people who are being treated for high blood pressure or who have difficulty tolerating high temperatures like a traditional sauna. It can be recommended for people with hypertension or diabetes. Infrared sauna has excellent overall therapeutic effects. Infrared heat system has been used in medicine for many years.

Steam sauna is a sauna where the temperature reaches a maximum of 60°C with up to 100% humidity. It is sought for its beneficial effect on respiratory tracts and skin, contributes to muscle regeneration and reduces overall fatigue. Furthermore, a steam sauna is an excellent place for relaxation. Humidity is a lesser strain for the organism, which is why even people with medical issues (after medical consultation) can enjoy this sauna, as opposed to the classic one.

Price list for public

We already have all types of saunas in operation, but for the sake of maintaining hygienic conditions, spacing…the sauna for the public will be closed from Friday to Sunday. Thank you for your understanding. 

Accommodated guests have access to the wellness center  included in the price of accommodation.


Type of sauna. 1 person / 2 hours. 1 person / 3 hours. Additional hour.
Steam + infrared + Finnish 450 CZK   190 CZK
Steam + infrared + Finnish + pool   610 CZK 250 CZK