For you maximum relaxation, we have prepared a wide range of certified massages.

Our experienced masseurs/ masseuses will rid you of your issues and pain in the nice environment of our massage rooms and will give your body and soul well-deserved rest. After the massage, you will get a tea service from us.


thai massages can be booked from Wednesday to Sunday.
(again on offer from 3.6.2020 from 11:00 AM)

Ovoderm Lecithos Therapia

We offer you a special lecithin-collagen massage ritual, which will clean and strengthen your face, help you gain energy and immunity of the organism, and also reduce stress. It is a massage ritual according to the principles of Carpathian healers, rules and formulas from before 150 years.

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is suitable for reducing tiredness, strengthening of regeneration of organism, reducing limpness, stiffness, shortening and soreness of muscles.

Partial back massage 40 minutes 590 CZK
Feet 40 minutes 590 CZK
Extended partial massage 60 minutes 890 CZK
Full body massage 90 minutes 1 250 CZK

supports detox, strengthens immunity and helps reducing swelling and chronic tiredness.

Legs 60 minutes 890 CZK
Face and head 40 minutes 590 CZK
Full body massage 180 minutes 2 250 CZK

massage stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system, helps the body to relax and harmonise deeply, gradually warms up whole body, helps to detox the organism, balance bodily energies.

Back and neck 60 minutes 920 CZK
Full body massage 120 minutes 1 720 CZK
60 minutes 890 CZK

applying bulbs not only relaxes muscles and blockages, it also has a great impact of cleansing of the organism of toxins, which tend to be stored in stiff muscles.

30 minutes 560 CZK

massage is ready to show you the secret of how to rid your body of tension and stress. For this massage, heated bamboo sticks are used, which loosen the blockages in your body, stimulate your blood and lymph circulation, reduce spine soreness, tension of muscles and relax your senses.

Back and neck 60 minutes 920 CZK
Full body massage 90 minutes 1 290 CZK


Our predecessors knew that yolk works as a natural substance, which removes inflammations and at the same time nourishes the organism with great amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and mineral salts. Simultaneously, it contains a huge amount of high-quality lecithin, which is nowadays used mainly in medicine; Latin name for yolk is “lecithos”, so that is why the substance, which helps with regeneration of our cells, is now called lecithin. Ovoderm® balm also contains fatty acids from virgin olive oil and cocoa beans, virgin beeswax and the extracts from plants and stones of citrus fruits.


It is a massage ritual during which the skin is treated and massaged by oils, which stimulate metabolism and support the lecithin penetrating the cell’s membranes. Oils used are mainly sunflower oil, cocoa butter and an extract from plants and stones of citrus fruit, which helps the cleansing and faster regeneration of cells. This type of massage goes back to the half of the 19th century and was born between the healers of Carpathian mountains. The historic name of the ritual comes from the source of the origin of life “ovo” – egg and a Greek name for yolk – “lecithos”, which is here a symbol for lecithin and was previously used during the massages.

Ovoderm Lecithos Therapia
Massage ritual of the whole body
60 minutes 1 300 CZK
Ovoderm Lecithos Therapia
Massage rituals of face, neck and neckline
40 minutes 1 000 CZK

Original Thai masseuses

Offer Thai massages 30 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes
Traditional Thai massage 890 CZK 1 300 CZK 1 500 CZK
Aromatherapy (oil) massage 890 CZK 1 300 CZK 1 500 CZK
Thai royal massage 1 500 CZK 1 700 CZK
Massage with a special oil of tiger fat 890 CZK 1 300 CZK 1 500 CZK
Thai reflexology head massage 490 CZK
Thai reflexology foot massage 490 CZK